A Salute
Omar Abuo Al Haija
Translated by Nizar Sartwi

More than one hole in the heart

as though it were a flute


above the chest

Only the fingers of a poet

are music connoisseurs

O Lord

Away away with these melodies

Half of my heart

is made of music

the other half

is a window

looking out on

the stage of life

My heart is the hymn of horses

a green hand wave

another language

that tyrants

never know

للشاعر عمر أبو الهيجا

أكثر من ثقب في القلب

كأني به ناي


فوق الصدر

أصابع الشاعر

وحدها تتقن العزف

يا الله

"عنّي بهذا" الغناء


نصفه موسيقا

والآخر نافذة تطل


مسرح الحياة،

قلبي نشيد الخيل

تلويحة خضراء

لغة أخرى

لا يعرفها


Omar Abulhaija is a Jordanian poet, writer, and Journalist. He is a member of the Jordanian Writers Association, Arab Writers Union, Jordanian Union of Journalists, Arab Internet Writers Union, Theater Art Band in Irbid, and other literary, journalist and cultural organizations. He has participated in many local, Arab, and international poetry readings and festivals.
Abulhaija has penned more than a dozen poetry collections, including “The Horses of Blood” (1989), “The Fortresses of Light” (1995), “Constant Sniping” (2000), “Trees Chosen By Birds” (2004), “The Rhetoric of Forenoon” (2012), “And I Am Wounded By The Flute” (2016), and “And I Kiss The Earth” (2018).

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