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الموضوع: ترجمة قصيدة الشيخ البوصيري ( أمن تذكر جيران بذي سلم ) في مدح الرسول الأعظم ألى الأنكليزية

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    معدل تقييم المستوى

    افتراضي ترجمة قصيدة الشيخ البوصيري ( أمن تذكر جيران بذي سلم ) في مدح الرسول الأعظم ألى الأنكليزية

    In The Name of God, The Merciful, who forgiveth aye.
    This poem is translated into English by Mohammad Mahmud Ahmad.
    User name: Ali Farhan.
    To English readers:
    This is the translation of the famous poem that's specialized for praising prophet (Mohammad) God's blessing and peace is upon him. The poem with its Arabic verses has said that it was authored by a well- known Islamic- Sheikh called (Mohammad bin Saeid al- Bossery) who was born at 608 A.H and died at 695 A.H and buried at Alexandria in Egypt.
    The story relates that the author composed this poem when malignant disease confined him and never recover, so he thought to praise the prophet when he was despair. The story said truly and without doubt the man is soon recovering his health, that's by the blessing of Mohammad, God's blessing and peace upon him.
    To Arabic readers:
    أنه من دواعي سروري وغبطتي أن تتهيأ لي الفرصة في ترجمة هذه القصيدة المباركة في مدح الرسول الأعظم ولا أطلب من هذا العمل سوى وجه الله ورضوانه والقصيدة تتألف من 160 بيتا وهي ميمية الشيخ البوصيري رحمه الله وهناك كما تعلمون قصيدة أخرى وهي (( بانت سعاد )) والتي هي لكعب بن زهير , وعلى أية حال وجدت في نفسي رغبة شديدة في ترجمة هذه القصيدة لهيمنتها المسيطرة في معانيها الجميلة ورقة أسلوبها في قلب من هو من محبي هذا الرسول العظيم .. أتمنى من العلي القدير أن يديم هذه المحبة في قلوب المسلمين جميعا سيما والأمة الإسلامية تمر في أصعب الظروف القاهرة من تاريخها ... أتمنى الهداية للجميع .. وفقني الله وإياكم في نصرة هذا الدين.. والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته.
    المترجم ... الموصل في يوم السبت المصادف 14 \ 1 \ 2012
    ملاحظات: هناك ضمائر في الانكليزية القديمة أستخدمها لغرض جمالية اللغة. كما أنني اعتمدت على المعنى الباطن أكثر من اعتمادي على الظاهر وذلك عن طريق استعانتي بالشرح الذي قدمه لي بعض الإخوة غفر الله لي ولهم وجزاهم الله خيرا أينما هلّوا أو حلوا.
    وسأرفق لكم الشرح الكامل لقصيدة البوصيري بعونه تعالى أن سمح التحميل بذلك.
    أمنْ تذكر جيرانٍ بذي سلمٍ *** مزجْتَ دمعا جَرَى من مقلةٍ بدمِ
    Do you remember all that distant places of bin-Salam you long for?
    Recently you ought to shed bloody tears out your eyeball more and more.
    أَمْ هبَّتِ الريحُ مِنْ تلقاءِ كاظمةٍ *** وأَومض البرق في الظَّلْماءِ من إِضمِ
    Perhaps you smelt thy adore love when the wind blows from this dweller.
    When lightening gleam, remembered you that shine face of lover.
    فما لعينيك إن قلت اكْفُفا هَمَتا *** وما لقلبك إن قلت استفق يهمِ
    What about your eyes when asking them to stop tears. Why response not?
    And what about your heart when calling; be awake! Goes captivate.
    أيحسب الصبُ أنّ الحب منكتمٌ *** ما بين منسجم منه ومضْطَّرمِ
    Does the grieved- passionate one thinks that love always hidden there?
    Throughout its harmony type and flaming one do mediate.
    لولا الهوى لم ترق دمعاً على طللٍ *** ولا أرقْتَ لذكر البانِ والعَلمِ
    If the passion encircles me not, never I would cry that remains.
    And shouldn't I cry upon that ban-oil tree or that guideposts place.
    فكيف تنكر حباً بعد ما شهدتْ *** به عليك عدول الدمع والسقمِ
    How do you deny such love, your eyes is responsible as witness?
    When thy eyes shedding tears and expressing illness.
    وأثبت الوجد خطى عبرة وضنى *** مثل البَهار على خديك والعنم
    The passion moreover proves two sings; one of them is the yellowish—
    Of thy check, the second thy eyes become reddish.
    نعم سرى طيف من أهوى فأرَّقني *** والحبُّ يعتَرضُ اللّذات بالألم
    Truly! The phantom of my love awakes me….to be sleeplessly.
    And the ardent love thrusts pains against pleasure contradictory.
    يا لائمي في الهوى العُذري معذرة *** مني إليك ولو أنصفت لم تَلُم
    Oh, thou who blame me fell in that platonic love, please excuse me.
    Once if you are equitable, will not blame thee.

    عدتك حالي لا سرّي بمُستَتر *** عن الوُشاة ولا دائي بمُنحَسم
    Tear unmasks the hidden love of mine, whatever informants say.
    Then my sick body will not recover, unless thy mercy.
    محضتَني النُّصحَ لكنْ لستُ أسمعه *** إنَّ المُحبَ عن العُذّال في صَمَم
    Rightfully you advised me I was wrongful in thy love thee lover.
    I consider it as reproach, not to obey, or hear any blamer.
    إنّي اتَّهَمْتُ نصيحَ الشَّيب في عَذل *** والشَّيبُ أبعدُ في نُصح عن التُّهَم
    I accused the hoariness which is no longer differing than thy advice.
    Since, it refers to death which revokes me for the good deed otherwise.
    فإنَّ أمَّارتي بِالسّوءِ ما اتَّعَظَتْ *** مِنْ جَهلِها بِنَذيرِ الشَّيْبِ والهَرَمِ
    And yet, what I consider this soul which refrains to hear the sermon!
    Because of it is unacquaintance with gray hair and senility warning.
    ولا أَعَدَّتْ مِنَ الفِعل الجَميلِ قِرى *** ضيْفٍ ألمَّ بِرأسي غيرَ مُحتَشِمِ
    Then that soul never was conscious not to commit error.
    Respect not this chaste angel's vision that visits her.
    لو كنتُ أعلمُ أنّي ما أُوَقِّرُهُ *** كَتَمْتُ سِرّاً بدا لي منهُ بالكَتمِ
    If I know that I don't worthwhile to put him in my regard.
    Never have I revealed my passion which needs to be concealed.
    من لي بِردِّ جِمَاحٍٍ مِن غَوايَتِها *** كما يُرَدُّ جِماحُ الخَيْلِ باللُّجُمِ
    Who could help me to refrain of this sinner soul?
    As someone who could bridle the stubborn horse, when he needs.
    فلا تَرُم بالمَعاصي كَسْرَ شَهْوَتِها *** إنَّ الطّعامَ يُقَوّي شَهوَةَ النَّهِمِ
    Otherwise permit it to fall in sins forever.
    If it was saturated, at soon it will recover.
    والنُّفس كالطِّفلِ إن تُهملهُ شَبَّ على *** حُبِّ الرَّضاعِ وإن تَفطِمهُ ينفطِمِ
    The soul is alike kid in his behavior.
    In both nursing and wearing, it can be adopted by his mother.

    فاصرِفْ هواها وحاذِر أن تُوَلّيَهُ *** إن الهوى ما تولَّى يُصْمِ أو يَصِمِ
    Be aware not follow it in its passion or defeat.
    Who obeys it never will be honorable or great.
    وراعِها وهي في الأعمال سائمةٌ *** وإنْ هي استَحلَتِ المرعى فلا تسمِ
    As the herder who looks after his sheep not to touch the banned pasture.
    But, when was attractive to that, encircle her by the Fear of God.
    كَمْ حَسَّنَتْ لَذَّةً للمرءِ قاتلةً *** من حيثُ لَم يَدرِ أنَّ السُّمَّ في الدَّسَمِ
    Don't be exaggerated with its argument, it was null and dull.
    Aware! Not to fall in its smooth- tongue, or deluded in its appearance.
    واخَش الدَّسائِس مِن جوعٍ ومن شبَعٍ *** فَرُبَّ مَخْمَصَةٍ شَرٌّ من التُّخَمِ
    Dread her intrigues not to follow gluttony of this self.
    Then you undoubtedly will commit errors sooner or later.
    واستَفرِغ الدَّمعَ من عين قد امتَلأت *** مِنَ المَحارِمٍ والزَمْ حِميَةَ النَّدَمِ
    Regret when your soul was powerlessly to overcome against sins.
    Shed tears more and more, repent at once for God.
    وخالف النَّفس والشيطان واعصهما *** وإن هما محَّضاك النُّصح فاتّهِمِ
    Conflict thyself also do Satan, not obey them.
    And accuse them in each consultation they deliver.

    ولا تُطِع منهما خصماً ولا حكما *** فأنت تعرفُ كيدَ الخصم والحَكَمِ
    Don't obey them whether are opponents or ruler.
    So that…. you know the cunning of their false tempter.

    أستغفرُ الله من قولٍ بِلا عملٍ *** لقد نَسَبتُ به نسلاً لِذي عُقُم
    Ask God's forgiveness in each utterance didn't apply.
    Then you are as futile Man, never generate offspring, if you don't try.
    أمرتُكَ الخير لكن ما ائتمرتُ به *** وما استقمتُ فما قولي لك استقِمِ
    And how I didn't forgive! Thou are at variance my soul.
    When I urge you to follow the straight way, but, yet don't obey me.

    ولا تزوَّدتُ قبل الموت نافلةً *** ولم أصلِّ سوى فرضٍ ولم أصُمِ
    Never I have achieved additional pray or another charity before death.
    But only, the certain imposing pray and fasting Ramadan.
    ظَلَمْتُ سنةَ من أحيَى الظلامَ إلى *** أنِ اشتكَت قدماهُ الضُّرَّ من وَرَمِ
    Though I opposite the Sunna of who advises to pray overall night.
    Even complaining the aches on my feet, I must not ask rest.
    وشَدَّ من شَغَبٍ أحشائَهُ وطوى *** تَحتَ الحِجارةِ كَشحاً مُتْرَفَ الأَدَمِ
    The prophet, who tied the stone over his abdomen, didn't fear hunger.
    To feel the Poor's misfortune and other creatures, he didst that.
    وراوَدَتهُ الجِبالُ الشُّمَّ مِنْ ذَهَبٍ *** عن نَفسِهِ فأراها أيَّما شَممِ
    When, he disclosed himself not to ask richness or other welfare.
    The mountains ask him to alter their soil for gold, but the prophet refuses. وأكَّدَتْ زُهدَهُ فيها ضَرورتُهُ *** إنَّ الضرورة لا تَعْدُو على العِصَمِ
    That insure that he didn't ask for money, even he had nothing.
    On life necessities Man is inclined, but he is infallible do prophet.
    محمدٌ سيّدُ الكونَيْنِ والثقل *** نِ والفريقينِ مِن عُربٍ ومن عَجَمِ
    Mohammad is the Master of both Worlds.
    He is the Master of General Nations whether Arab or Non- Arabs.
    نَبِيُّنا الآمِرُ الناهي فلا أحَدٌ *** أبَرَّ في قولٍ لا مِنْهُ ولا نَعَمِِ
    Our Prophet is the master in everything he would call or pretend.
    No believer to say is fulfilled than him in what saying yes or not.
    هو الحبيبُ الذي تُرجى شفاعتهُ *** لِكٌلِّ هَوْلٍ مِنَ الأهوالِ مُقتَحَمِ
    He is the dearest; we claim his intercession help at doomsday.
    In each horror storms we thrust into or through, we couldn't tolerate.
    دعا إلى اللهِ فالمُستَمسِكونَ بهِ *** مُسْتَمسِكونَ بِحَبلٍ غيرِ مُنْفَصِمِ
    He takes on his shoulder to spread Islam in order to achieve his Mission.
    And who they follow him are strengthened by the uncut chain of faith.

    فاقَ النَّبيينَ في خَلْقٍ وفي خُلُقٍ*** ولم يُدانوهُ في عِلمٍ ولا كَرَمٍ
    He outreaches all prophets in both creating and characters.
    And they couldn't approach these facts even in knowledge or generosity.
    وكُلُّهُم من رسولِ اللهِ مُلتَمِسٌ*** غَرفاٌ من البحرِ أو رشفاً من الدِّيَمِ
    All of them beseech his faculty to facilitate their ordeals.
    For him they were just as a drop at ocean or raindrop.
    وواقفون لديهِ عندَ حَدِّهِم*** من نُقطَةِ العِلمِ أو من شكلَةِ الحِكَمِ
    They don't proceed, but stopped at the border of his nobility.
    At each turning point they pass in every subject's type viscosity.
    فهوَ الذي تَمَّ معناهُ وصورَتُهُ*** ثُمَّ اصطفاهُ حبيباً بارئ النَّسَمِ
    He is the perfect on visage and speech.
    God selects him the dearest of his own, to all people shall teach.
    منزَّهٌ عن شريكٍ في محاسِنِهِ*** فَجَوهَرُ الحُسنِ فيهِ غيرُ مُنْقَسِمِ
    Unerring, the only one who had God's something nice.
    And the essence of that charm is invulnerable to be diverging or divide.
    دَعْ ما ادَّعَتْهُ النصارى في نبيِّهمِ *** واحكم بِما شِئْتَ مَدحاً فيهِ واحتَكمِ
    Abandon what Christians said about their prophet; he is the second!
    However, you praise upon him, you can't reach the unfathomable sea.
    وانسب إلى ذاتِهِ ما شئت من شَرَفٍ *** وانسُبْ إلى قَدرِهِ ما شِئتَ مِنْ عِظَمِ
    Pertain to his figure what honour you could add.
    Pertain to his dignity whatever generous things you had.
    فإنَّ فضلَ رسول الله ليسَ لَهُ *** حدٌّ فَيُعْرِبُ عنهُ ناطقٌ بفَمِ
    His favor hasn't limit or has border at all.
    None but include this figure worth the generous noble to speak about.
    لو ناسَبَتْ قَدرَهُ آياتُهُ عِظماً *** أحي اسمُهُ حينَ يُدعى دارِسَ الرَّممِ
    If all minds were bewildered against his marvel state,
    They would spear no effort to reach the broadness, but couldn't.
    لم يَمْتَحِنَّا بما تَعيَى العقولُ بهِ *** حِرصاً علينا فَلَمْ نَرتَبْ وَلَم نَهِمِ
    God donates him that miracle things, as a blessing not to be tempted yet.
    As those Christian when they had fallen at infuriation and stray.
    أعيَى الوَرى فَهْمُ معناه فليسَ يُرى *** للقُربِ والبُعدِ فيهِ غيرُ مُنفَحِمِ
    People in general are bewildered; yet! No one could reveal his secret.
    However, they endeavour they are unsuccessful to attain this respect.
    كالشَّمسِ تظهَر للعَيْنينِ مِن بُعُدٍ *** صَغيرَةً وتكِلُّ الطَّرفَ منْ أَمَمٍ
    He is as the sun alike in the bowl of the sky appears everywhere.
    Small, but can sparkle to every eye here or there.
    وكيفَ يُدرِكُ في الدُّنيا حقيقَتَهُ *** قَومٌ نِيامٌ تَسَلَّوْا عَنْهُ بِالحُلُمِ
    Vainly can they perceive his reality even if they are at consensus!
    Who, they are worldly at their thoughts but not for heaven wonder.
    فَمَبْلَغُ العِلْمِ فيهِ أنَّهُ بَشَرٌ *** وأنَّهُ خَيْرُ خَلْقِ اللهِ كُلِّهِمِ
    All they had known about him is any human.
    But, indeed he is the better God's creatures.
    وكلُّ آيٍ أتى الرُّسلُ الكرامُ بها *** فإنما اتصلَتْ مِن نورهِ بِهِمِ
    And all evidence or miracle the prophets had brought.
    Doubtless all of it originates from the brightening figure of Mohammad.
    فانه شمسُ فضلٍ هُم كواكِبُها *** يُظهِرنَ أنوارها للنَّاسِ في الظُّلَمِ
    They are the satellite stars, but he is the Main.
    Each of them tackles with to enlighten apart of darkness.
    أكرِم بِخُلْقِ نبيٍّ زانَهُ خُلُقٌ *** بالحُسنِ مشتَمِلٍ بالبِشرِ مُتَّسِمِ
    Be proud for you generous prophet.
    Comprehend at all thy beautiful features whether at ease or difficult.
    كالزَّهْرِ في تَرَفٍ والبَدرِ في شَرَفٍ *** والبَحرِ في كَرَمٍ والدَّهرِ في هِمَمِ
    He is soft as flower and height as the moon in the bowl of sky.
    Or as the sea which is the donor of blessing
    كأنَّهُ وهْوَ فَردٌ من جلالتِهِ *** في عسكَرٍ حينَ تلقاهُ وفي حَشَمِ
    If you meet him lonely, you will not think he is a weak.
    But, you should envisage him in your though as a king between retinues.

    كأنَّما اللُّؤلُؤُ المكنونُ في صَدَفٍ *** مِن مَعدِنَيْ منطِقٍ مِنْهُ ومُبتَسِمِ
    He might be the hidden pearl inside its shells.
    Although he is great, but that's his sweetened speech, when he tells.
    لا طيبَ يَعدِلُ تُرباً ضَمَّ أعظُمَهُ *** طوبى لِمُنتشِقٍ منهُ وَمُلتَثمِ
    Never there is earth which graved thy body.
    Blessed...is to whom inhales thy scented rose.
    أبانَ مولِدُهُ عن طيبِ عُنصرِهِ *** يا طيبَ مبتدأ منهُ ومُختَتَمِ
    His birthday reveals the good nature of his element.
    Blessed upon him whence birth, whence dead.
    يومٌ تَفَرَّسَ فيهِ الفُرسُ أنَّهُمُ *** قَدْ أُنذِروا بِحُلولِ البؤسِ والنِّقَمِ
    When, Persian looked at thy incoming figure.
    They suppose they were unfortunately betokened in their regime.
    وباتَ إيوانُ كِسرى وَهْوَ مُنصَدِعٌ *** كَشَملِ أصحابِ كِسرى غير مُلتَئِمِ
    Persian king's Divan was soon shrunken when prophet's advent come.
    And that entire regime was shattered, never had recovered some.
    والنار خامدة الأنفاس من أسفٍ *** عليهِ والنَّهر ساهي العين من سَدَمِ
    By his birth The Magi Worshipping Fire extinguished forever.
    Even their river stopped its flow crying thee King whose throne is shatter.
    وساء ساوة أن غاضتْ بُحيرتُها *** ورُدَّ واردها بالغيظ حين ظَمي
    Then Sawa Tribe was displeased into thy lake that soon was shallow.
    Who comes to quench his thirst there, returning furious and disappointed also. كأنَّ بالنَّار ما بالماء من بللٍ *** حُزناً وبالماء ما بالنَّارِ من ضَرَمِ
    Seemingly that fire is water alike extinguished itself by dew.
    And water boils to remove its moisture right now.
    والجِن تهتِف والأنوار ساطِعةٌ*** والحقُّ يظهرُ من معنىً ومن كَلِمِ
    Devils ask each other; why you don't know to preach the world?
    The faith increases, but who lacks the virtue still unreleased.
    عَموا وصمُّوا فإعلانُ البشائرِ لم*** تُسمع وبارقَةُ الإنذار لم تُشَمِ
    Blinds and deaf never could hear the voice of Koran.
    Continuing at their temptation put their noses down.
    من بعدِ ما أخبرَ الأقوامَ كاهنَهُمْ*** بأنَّ دينهُم المُعوَجَّ لَمْ يَقُمِ
    They were not hear the advice when their clergymen told about his news.
    And that their religious is wrong, inevitable not to stand, they told.
    وبعدما عاينوا في الأُفْقِ من شُهُبٍ*** مُنقضَّةٍ وفق ما في الأرض من صنمِ
    When, they saw by their naked eyes that meteors swallowed their idols.
    Which mostly they worship and produce them sacrifices.
    حتى غدا عن طريق الوحيِ مُنْهَزِمٌ *** من الشَّياطينِ يقفو إثرَ مُنهَزِمِ
    Whence, every Satan runs away one after another.
    When hearing the voice of faith form heaven comes down.
    كأنهم هرباً أطفالُ أبرَهَةٍ *** أو عسكرٍ بالحصى من راحتَيْهِ رُمِى
    They were as Ethiopic Abraham of Elephant's famous episode.
    When attacked Mecca, he was at once with his army defeated.
    نبذاً بهِ بعد تسبيحٍ ببطنِهِما *** نبذَ المُسَبِّح من أحشاءِ مُنْتَقِمِ
    Ah! What a prophet is he! Whence the stones in his palm glorify God!
    But when he flings out, is alike that prophet whom the whale casts him.
    جاءت لدعوته الأشجار ساجدةً *** تمشي إليه على ساقٍ بِلا قَدَمِ
    The trees welcomed his call and immediately turn to knee.
    Walking toward him footless! What wonder be?
    كأنما سطرت سطراً لما كتبت *** فروعها من بديعِ الخط باللَّقَمِ
    As they write a manuscript without pen or ink.
    From their branches make that truthfully pen, which its trail witnesses.
    مِثل الغمامةِ أنّى سارَ سائرةً *** تقيه حرَّ وطيسٍ للهَجيرِ حَمىِ
    There is no difference between the trees and the cloud which covers him.
    To shade him from the fierce heat... Oh! Is it not miracle?
    أقسمتُ بالقمرِ المُنشَقِّ إنَّ لَهُ *** من قلبه نِسْبَةً مبرورة القَسَمِ
    I swear by Divided Moon which is apparently seen, no differ between—
    This and when his chest was opened by the Angel Jebril.

    وما حوى الغار من خيرٍ ومن كَرَمٍ *** وكُلُّ طرْفٍ من الكُفّار عنهُ عَمِي
    And what that common Cave situated between Mecca and Medina.
    When with his faithful fellow hide themselves there, God guards them.
    فالصِّدْقُ في الغار والصّدِّيقُ لَم يَرما *** وهُم يقولون ما بالغار مِن أرِمِ
    The polytheists couldn't see them while they sat three days inside.
    They reply; no one here and retrace on their feet frustrated.
    ظنّوا الحمامَ وظنّوا العنكبوتَ على *** خيرِ البرِيَّةِ لَمْ تَنْسُجْ وَلَمْ تَحُمِ
    They envisage the pigeons as do spider are just dwelling at that cave.
    But, God protect him whatever cunning and treachery they want.
    وقاية الله أغنت عن مُضاعفةٍ *** مِن الدُّروعِ وعن عالٍ من الأُطُم
    That protection save him other than armor could save.
    Then you foolish men consider this are not too far of God's faculty.
    ما سامني الدهرُ ضيماً واستجرتُ بِهِ ***إلاّ ونِلتُ جِواراً مِنهُ لَمْ يُضَمِ
    I swear by all above mentioning miracles, when I asked his help.
    At any grievances I fall in, surely he comes to assist me.
    ولا التمسْتُ غنى الدّارينِ من يَدِهِ *** إلاّ استَلَمْتُ النَّدى مِنْ خيرِ مُسْتَلَمِ
    At any ups and down of time I had suffered into.
    As poorness or difficulties I suffer, I receive his donation countlessly.
    لا تُنكرِ الوَحيَ من رؤياهُ إنَّ لهُ*** قلباً إذا نامتِ العينانِ لَمْ يَنَمِ
    Don't deny the revelation in spite of all these miracles, he is truly prophet.
    He is not any human, but when his eyes sleep, his heart stays awake.
    وذاك حين بلوغٍ من نبوتِهِ*** فليس يُنكر فيه حال مُحتلمِ
    This feature comes when he reaches the stage of prophecy.
    And who sees him at sleeping; it is with no doubt truly vision.
    تبارك اللهُ ما وحيٌ بِمُكتَسَبٍ*** ولا نبيٌّ على غيبٍ بِمُتَّهَمِ
    Blessed be God! There is no acquired revelation by worship or pray.
    And bless the sanctity of God to accuse anyone He adopted as prophet.

    كم أبرَأَتْ وَصباً باللمسِ راحتُهُ*** وأطلقَتْ أَرِباً من رِبْقَةِ اللّمَمِ
    How is he accused? Since at every touch of hand can heal any malady.
    Cures someone stumbles by Satan, by one touch the devils soon depart.
    وأحيتِ السَّنةَ الشَّهباءَ دعوتُهُ*** حتّى حَكَتْ غُرَّةً في الأعصُرِ الدُّهُمِ
    His prayers revive the arid land at unseasonal rainy year.
    The rain hit continuously until people from the drowning fear.
    بِعارضٍ جادَ أو خِلتُ البطاحَ بِها *** سيبٌ من اليمِّ أوْ سيلٌ من العَرِمِ
    God as soon as replies his good answer.
    Sending huge clouds until who sees, thinks that's unexampled flood.
    دعني ووصفِيَ آياتٍ لهُ ظَهَرَتْ *** ظهور نارِ القرى ليلاً على علمِ
    After mentioning all prophets' miracles, let me tell you importable one.
    That's as fire sparkles on the top of mountain. Indeed it is the Koran.
    فالدُّرُّ يزداد حُسناً وهو منتظمٌ *** وليس يَنقُصُ قدراً غير مُنتظمِ
    The pearl is beautiful when it is well-arranged.
    Nevertheless it is less worthy if it isn't organized.
    فما تطاول آمال المديح إلى *** ما فيه من كرمِ الأخلاقِ والشِّيَمِ
    Anyhow no one could perfectly describe all his features.
    Further than God, who says; that he is on the superior of morality.
    دامت لدينا فقامت كُلَّ مُعجِزَةٍ *** من النَّبيين إذ جاءت ولَمْ تَدُمِ
    That's his miracles is suitable to every time and place.
    It is Renewal although it was happened at past, remain to the end of life.
    لَمْ تَقْتَرِن بزمانٍ وهيَ تَخْبِرُنا *** عنِ المَعادِ وعَنْ عادٍ وعَنْ إرَمِ
    It is not appear only at the period of this prophet, that's Koran.
    Besides it relates the news of those of ancient tribes and future news.
    آيات حقٍّ من الرحمنِ مُحدَثَةٌ *** قديمةٌ صِفةُ المَوصوفِ بِالقِدَمِ
    They are renewed truthful miracles witnessed evidence of God.
    Eternally, since He creates this universe.

    مُحكماتٌ فما تُبْقِيَن مِن شُبَهٍ *** لِذي شِقاقٍ وما تبْغينَ من حِكَمِ
    All of them are precisely well- kin miracles deny any suspicion.
    Had the clear proofs, which they are out of any passion to argue.
    ما حورِبَتْ قَطُّ إلاّ عادَ من حَربٍ *** أعدى الأعادي إليها مُلْقِيَ السَّلَمِ
    That postulates no one stand against them, however, is hostile.
    Yet, but perhaps he is defeated by their eloquence and fluent style.
    رَدَّتْ بلاغتُها دعوى مُعارِضِها *** رَدَّ الغيور يَدَ الجاني عَنِ الحُرَمِ
    Its Rhetoric Art refutes any opposed opinion.
    As zealous one who defeat the thief not to steal him.
    لها معانٍ كموجِ البحر في مَدَدٍ *** وفوْقَ جوهَرِهِ في الحُسْنِ والقِيَمِ
    It has stretched meanings as the sea is widely overwhelming.
    But, exceed the fathomless sea in its essence and contents.
    فما تُعدُّ ولا تُحصى عجائبها *** ولا تُسام على الإكثار بالسأمِ
    It is uncountable in its marvel facts, but excite.
    Though who searches its meanings will not tire or bore.
    قَرَّت بها عينُ قاريها فقلت لهُ *** لقد ظفرتَ بحبل الله فاعتصم
    Delighted the eye, for who read it at attention.
    Of course he will cling to the robe of devoutness with out doubt.
    إن تتلُها خيفةً من حر نار لظى *** أطفأْتَ حر لظى منْ وردِها الشّبِمِ
    If you read for the purpose to be safe from heel you will succeed.
    And if you read it to gain reward, never will fall.
    كأنها الحوض تبيَضُّ الوجوه به *** من العصاة وقد جاؤوهُ كالحُمَمِ
    It is as the pure pool's water which washes the bodies from dirt.
    At doomsday when criminals of burning body by heel visit that pool.
    وكالصراط وكالميزان مُعْدَلَةً *** فالقِسطُ من غيرها في الناس لَمْ يَقُمِ
    And it is as the precise Balance or Straight line.
    That distinguishes between wrong and correct.

    لا تعجَبَنْ لحسودٍ راحَ يُنكرها *** تجاهُلاً وَهْوَ عينُ الحاذِقِ الفَهِمِ
    Don't wonder to the envier who denies its virtue.
    At ignorant, but he is completely understandable.
    قد تُنكِرُ العَيْنُ ضوْءَ الشمسِ مِنْ رَمَدٍ *** ويُنكِرُ الفَمُ طَعْمَ الماءِ من سَقَم
    Sore-eyed perhaps deny the brilliant sun at summit of the sky.
    Infected mouth may also don't recognize water's taste.
    But, this doesn't lessen the value of neither sun nor water.
    Therefore it is not oddness, if some unbelievers deny Koran.
    يا خير من يمَّمَ العافونَ ساحتَهُ *** سعياً وفوق مُتونِ الأينُقِ الرُّسُمِ
    Oh, what kind thy person! Who every needy requests his side.
    Whom, they traveled to him riding on smartened camels.
    ومَنْ هوَ الآيَةُ الكُبرى لِمُعتَبِرٍ*** ومن هو النِّعْمَةُ العُظمى لِمُغتَنم
    And who is he the great miracle to which considers the will.
    And who is the great blessing to which seizes the opportunity.
    سَرَيْت من حرمٍ ليلاً إلى حَرَمٍ *** كما سرى البَدْرُ في داجٍ مِنَ الظُّلَمِ
    Thou traveled at night an unprecedented Ascension for Heaven.
    As the full-moon at darkened night which illuminates the new approach. وبِتَّ ترقى إلى أنْ نِلْتَ مَنْزِلَةً *** من قابِ قوسَيْنِ لَمْ تُدرَكْ وَلَمْ تُرَمِ
    Continued your way until gets what others hope to reach this rank.
    You are there at the sacred place near to God at two bow's length or less.
    وَقَدَّمَتْكَ جميعُ الأنبياءِ بِها *** والرُّسْلِ تقديمَ مخدومٍ على خَدَمِ
    And you lead in prayer all prophets and messengers there.
    As you are the king and they are the followers.
    وأنتَ تَخْترِقُ السَّبعَ الطِّباقَ بِهم *** في موكِبٍ كُنْتَ فيهِ صاحبَ العَلَمِ
    When, you penetrate the seventh upper skies and all prophets with you.
    In such convoy you are the shipmaster in that journey.
    حتى إذا لم تدَعْ شأواً لِمُستبقٍ *** من الدنوِّ ولا مَرقىً لِمُستنِمِ
    Until you reaches that splendor place of honour that never precedes you.
    You are the preceded then without any competitor.
    خفضتَ كلَّ مقامٍ بالإضافةِ إذ *** نوديتَ بالرفعِ مثل المُفردِ العَلَمِ
    Their status anyhow is less than you, all angels and messengers.
    Especially God pertain you by how often; thou Mohammad come.
    كيما تفوزَ بوصلٍ أيِّ مُستتِرٍ *** عن العيونِ وسِرٍ أيِّ مُكتتمِ
    In that pursuant you are there when revelation calls to be thy God lover.
    Not to plot the matter in secret, but to be publicly under their eyes.
    فحُزتَ كلَّ فَخارٍ غير مُشترَكٍ *** وجُزتَ كل مقامٍ غَيْرِ مزدَحَمِ
    By this divine virtue you get the nonparticipant honour.
    Became the distinct prophet and non approaches thy place.
    وجل مقدارُ ما وُليتَ من رُتبٍ *** وعزَّ إدراك ما أُتيتَ من نِعَمِ
    Oh, what thy God pleased upon you!
    That rank and that virtue, who, never before you had acquired.
    بُشرى لنا معشر الإسلام إنّ لنا *** من العناية ركناً غير مُنهَدِمِ
    Good omen for Muslims to this blessing divine donation.
    By the honorable prophet, God donates us.
    لمّا دعا اللهُ داعينا لِطاعته *** بأكرمِ الرُّسْلِ كُنّا أكرم الأُمَمِ
    When, God orders our prophet to obey Him.
    We are the best followers of this Master cross over the world.
    راعَتْ قُلوبَ العِدا أنباءُ بِعْثَتهِ *** كنَبأَةٍ أجفَلَتْ غُفْلاً من الغَنَمِ
    The spiteful hearts feared the news of his prophecy mission.
    As the cattle's flock startles during the attack of wild animal.
    ما زال يلقاهُمُ في كلِّ مُعتَرَكٍ *** حتّى حَكَوا بِالقَنا لحماً على وَضَمِ
    After a period of time while he proceeded to spread the Islam.
    They challenged him, and he fought them in each battle.
    وَدّوا الفَرار فكادوا يغبِطون به *** أشلاء شالَتْ مَعَ العِقْبانِ والرَّخَم
    When they saw themselves were unqualified and defeated at thee combat.
    They sought the fleeing where seeing their heads eaten by eagles.
    تمضي الليالي ولا يدرون عِدَّتَها *** ما لم تكُن من ليالي الأشهرِ الحُرُمِ
    That war consumes them until they didn't know which month or week.
    Except those sanctity familiar days they deem fight is forbidden.
    كأنما الدّينُ ضيفٌ حَلَّ ساحتَهُم *** بِكُلِّ قَرْم إلى لحمِ العِدا قَرِمِ
    The atheists envisage that religious as unwanted guest.
    And its members are veteran warriors able to tear their flesh.
    يَجُرُّ بَحْرَ خميسٍ فوقَ سابِحةٍ *** يرمي بموجٍ من الأبطالِ مُلْتَطَمِ
    He is followed by multiplied army never have seen.
    They thought it as the rough waves of sea marches toward them.
    من كل منتدب لله مُحتسِب *** يسطو بمستأصلٍ للكفر مُصْطَلَمِ
    Includes every warrior asks only for God's satisfaction.
    Who they handle the unsheathed swords to kill every atheist.
    حتى غدت مِلةُ الإسلام وهي بهمْ *** من بعد غربتها موصولة الرحم
    Yet, they fought until their number increased day after day.
    And everywhere could find relatives and brothers.
    مكفولة أبداً منهم بخير أبٍ *** وخير بعلٍ فلَمْ تيْتَمْ ولم تَئِم
    Wonder why! when they were associated with the best companion.
    He is the Prophet of course who includes them by his charity.
    هم الجبال فسَلْ عنهم مُصادمَهُم *** ماذا رأى منهم في كل مُصطدَمِ
    They were as a stern mountain alike if you would ask.
    And you could find their course is difficult to be shaken.
    وسَلْ حنيناً وسَلَْ بدرا وسَل أُحُداً *** فصول حتفٍ لهُمْ أدهى من الوَخَمِ
    Ask every battle place such as Bader or Hunian if you would seek that.
    In which the places tell you about those truthfully brave men's trails.
    المُصدري البيض حُمراً بعدما وردتْ *** من العِدا كلَّ مُسوَدٍّ من اللّمَمِ
    Who, they return from battle, their swords are bloody colour.
    The swords which usually had cut, each head of stubborn enemy warrior.
    والكاتبين بِسُمْرِ الخَطِّ ما تَرَكَتْ *** أقلامُهمْ حَرفَ جِسمٍ غيرَ مُنْعَجِمِ
    Those who handling the javelins which can penetrate the armored chest.
    Who wrote the volume of war even they were illiterate.

    شاكي السلاحِ لهمْ سيما تُمَيِّزُهُمْ *** والوردُ يمتازُ بالسيما من السَّلَمِ
    Who always wore the battle's weapon never they threw at war or rest.
    Fear not always, however, they bear the rose of peace when they march.
    تُهدي إليك رياحُ النصرِ نَشْرَهُمُ *** فتحسبُ الزهرَ في الأكمامِ كُلَّ كَمِي
    The wind carries their victory news with the scents of rose.
    Therefore you can smell that adore as if that roses truly are champions.
    كأنهم في ظهور الخيل نبتُ رُباً *** من شدّة الحَزْمِ لا من شدّة الحُزُمِ
    They were fixed on their horses' back as if plants cuddled the earth.
    It is not the reason of saddle girth, but their resolution.
    طارت قلوب العِدا من بأسهم فَرَقاً *** فما تُفَرقُ بينَ البَهْمِ والبُهُمِ
    The enemy hearts flung out of its chests because of horror.
    Couldn't distinguish between beasts and men, prefer not to meet.
    ومَنْ تَكُنْ برسول اللهِ نُصرَتُهُ *** إن تَلْقَهُ الأُسدُ في آجامها تَجِمِ
    Whom, this prophet is his supporter.
    The lions which hide in their lairs couldn't face him.
    ولن ترى من وليٍّ غير منتصرٍ *** بهِ ولا من عدوٍّ غيْرِ مُنْقَصِمِ
    Then you can't see any holy man is not victor.
    And any enemy is not integrated because of his prayer.
    أحلَّ أُمَّته في حرز ملَّتِهِ *** كالليث حلَّ مع الأشبالِ في أجَمِ
    He places his nations at inaccessible proof shelter.
    As if the lion guards its lion's cubs at a safe lair.
    كم جَدَّلَتْ كلمات الله مِنْ جَدِلٍ *** فيه وكم خصَمَ البرهانُ من خَصِمِ
    How much that miracles decline those who argue more.
    And how much the proof retreats whom they opposed and sour.
    كفاك بالعِلْمِ في الأُمّيِّ معجزةً *** في الجاهليةِ والتّأديبِ في اليُتُمِ
    Isn't it so you are illiterate, but can read Koran?
    Since Pagan period whence disciplines thyself isn't it so thou orphan?

    خَدَمتُهُ بِمَديحٍ أستقيلُ بِهِ *** ذنوبَ عُمْرٍ مَضَي في الشِّعْرِ والخِدَمِ
    I serve him by these verses of praise lines.
    In which I hope to be my supporter at doomsday.
    When my sins are more and I wish to wipe them.
    إذ قَلَّداني ما تُخشى عواقِبُهُ *** كأني بِهِمَا هَدْيٌ من النَّعَمِ
    If these verses could halt the consequences I fear.
    Then I feel my soul as if a great sacrifice produces to thee Pilgrim.
    أطعت غَيَّ الصِّبا في الحالتين وما *** حصلتُ إلاّ على الآثامِ والنَّدَمِ
    I follow my passion when I am young saying what is bad or wrong.
    Alas! I gained only sins and repent... how I can forsake?
    فيا خسارة نفسٍ في تجارتها *** لم تَشْترِ الدّينَ بالدنيا ولَمْ تَسُمِ
    Alas to that soul lost its commerce.
    It didn't purchase religious at the expense of time and didn't bargain.
    ومن يَبِعْ آجِلاً منه بعاجلِهِ *** يَبِنْ لهُ الغِبْنُ في بيعٍ وفي سَلَمِ
    Who sells the afterworld to enjoy this transient life!
    He apparently will see the loss after this transaction end.
    إنْ آتِ ذنباً فما عهدي بمُنْتقِضٍ *** من النبيّ ولا حبلى بمنصرمِ
    Although I committed more sins and have many faults.
    But the commitment between me and prophet I hope it is strong.
    فإنَّ لي ذِمَّةً منهُ بِتسمِيَتي *** مُحمداً وَهْوَ أوفى الخَلْقِ بالذِمَمِ
    It is commitment between me and him, in which I have This Name.
    Then I wish that will help me into success and reach his team.
    إن لم يكن في معادي آخذاً بيدي *** فضلاً وإلاّ فَقُلْ يا زلَّةَ القَدَمِ
    If not he hands me at the day the atheist says; would I return soil.
    Alas to the stumble of my foot and to the bad consequence I wait.
    حاشاهُ أن يُحرمَ الرّاجي مكارمَهُ *** أو يَرجِعَ الجارُ مِنْهُ غيرَ مُحتَرَمِ
    Far it is from him to deprive someone asks his noble deed.
    Or he refrains who asks him to be his neighbor would neglect.

    ومنذُ ألزَمْتُ أفكاري مدائِحهُ *** وجدتُهُ لخلاصي خيرَ مُلتَزمِ
    Since I was committed this soul by this promise to praise him.
    I find him to my rescue is the best committed one.
    ولَنْ يفوتَ الغِنى مِنْهُ يداً تَرِبَتْ *** إنَّ الحيا يُنْبِتُ الأزهار في الأكمِ
    The soul which is clinging to his merciful character will not pass vainly.
    He is the rain alike, which irrigates the wilted flowers at mound's side.
    ولمْ أُرِد زهرةَ الدنيا التي اقتطَفَتْ *** يدا زُهَيرٍ بما أثْنى على هَرِمِ
    However, I elaborate to praise him, but I need not the worldly purpose.
    Even if that purpose which zuhair needs from Harim, I don't know.
    Indeed yes I ask the good deed of the hereafter only.
    يا أكرمَ الخَلْقِ مالي من ألوذُ بهِ سواكَ عندَ حُلولِ الحادث الْعَمِمِ
    Oh, prophet who is the more generous of any creature.
    Never have I excepted God and you at the miserable Hour.
    وَلَنْ يضيقَ رسول الله جاهُكَ بي إذا الكريمُ تجلَّى باسم مُنْتَقِمِ
    Then your glory will not lessen when the Angel of Death arrives.
    At the certain Hour of fate, while that Angel inclines down to revenge.
    فإنّ من جودك الدنيا وضرّتَها ومن علومك علمَ اللوحِ والقلمِ
    How your glory decreases to comply with me? Hopeless! I don't believe.
    Since thy God taught you what the Reverend Pen wrote on Volume.
    يا نفس لا تَقْنَطي من زَلَّةٍ عَظُمَتْ إنَّ الكبائر في الغُفرانِِ كاللَّمَمِ
    Thou soul don't be desperate from such great stumble.
    Since large sins is nothing to thy God and this Holy merciful prophet.
    لعل رحمةَ ربِّي حينَ يَقْسِمُها *** تأتي على حَسَبِ العصيان في القِسَمِ
    Maybe the mercy of my God when distributes it comes proportionally.
    Equally overall disobedience's number but not to creatures' number.
    يا ربِّ واجعلْ رجائي غيرَ مُنْعَكِسٍ *** لديك واجعل حسابي غيرَ مُنْخَرِمِ
    Oh, my God makes my hope rightfully to be worthy thy mercy.
    And I hope my account will be according to the mercy that's distributed.

    والطُفْ بعبدكَ في الدارينِ إنَّ لهُ *** صبراً متى تَدْعُهُ الأهوالُ يَنْهَزِمِ
    Be kind with your worshipper in both this life and the hereafter.
    Whilst my patient was weak, at each ordeal maybe halted or cower.
    وأذنْ لِسُحْبِ صلاةٍ منكَ دائمةً *** على النَّبي بِمُنْهَلٍ ومُنْسَجِمِ
    Please my God send permanent prayer to thy kind Prophet.
    Please send it as the heavy rainy continued clouds.
    ما رنَّحَتْ عذباتِ البانِ ريحُ صباً *** وأطربَ العيس حادي العيسِ بالنَّغَمِ
    Makes it as much as to associate with any wind shakes the boughs.
    To fellow each cameleer oriented to visit his honorable shrine.

    Praise to God the defender for the weakened person who asks you the mercy and to be one of the followers of your dearest prophet Mohammad.

    أضافة ملف الشرح:
    عذرا لم أتمكن من رفع ملف شرح بردة البوصيري من جهازي لعدم أمكانية الرفع لتجاوز الحد المقرربشيءقليل

    التعديل الأخير تم بواسطة علي فرحان ; 18/01/2012 الساعة 10:26 AM

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